I was born in the city of Ruse, on the bank of the river Danube, situated in North-Eastern Bulgaria. Since my childhood I was fascinated with fine art. My parents, Marko and Vasilka, are artists too. They inspired my interest, helped me with my works, encouraged me with good advices.

"Mona Moneva is a genuine artist set apart from the superficial art, hype and business of the art-marketing machine. There is often a delicate surface of realism rendered with compassion. Indeed, some of her work is ‘realistic’, some of it ‘surrealistic’ and yet others what I would call ‘transpersonal’. Her transpersonal paintings often reveal something just underneath this quaint realism. There are the rumblings of mystery; deep secrets of a transpersonal consciousness just about to break through to illumination. I find Mona’s work a promising light on the path of vision. Her feminine touch to the surface of her paintings is an amazing, subtle and sometimes sexy detour that takes one beyond gender and into the broad and enlightening vistas of Truth and Beauty."

Philip Rubinov Jacobson, MFA

Artist, Philosopher, Teacher and Author of DRINKING LIGHTNING – Art, Creativity and Transformation and EYES OF THE SOUL – Exploring Inspiration in Art.

"Mona's paintings are full of poetry. It is, for me, the main quality of an art work: poetry give birth to emotions and make us dream.That is what each painting by Mona is: the begin of a dream where we can make a promenade."

Jose Roosevelt, visionary artist

Professional Biography
1997-Participation in a group exhibition organized by the Committee of Culture in Sofia

1997-Group exhibition in Germany

1997-Group exhibition in "Leo" gallery, Ruse

1999-Participation at exhibition "Autumn Saloon", Art Gallery, Ruse

1999-Participation at exhibition could "Spiritual massages" in Gallery "Vitosha", Sofia

2000-Group exhibition in gallery "Aruid", Ruse

2000-Group exhibition in gallery "VIP", Ruse

2000-Participation in the international Art Forum "Pax Danubiana". The conception of the forum was the European Union.

2000-Group exhibition in gallery "Aruid",Ruse

2000-Become a member of "Society of Art of Imagination"-
visionary art organization for popularization of Visionary and Fantasy art worldwide. Found in 1965 in London. Among our most famous members and patrons are Ernst Fuchs, Robert Venosa, Martina Hoffmann HR Giger , Alex Grey and many others.

2001-Group exhibition in "Aruid" gallery

2001-Group exhibition in "Okazio" gallery

2003-Invitation for participation in the "International Biennale of Contemporary Arts" - Florence. The main concept of the biennale is on the words of Cofie Anan “Dialog between Civilizations”

2004-Participation in Second Biennale of the little forms, Pleven, Bulgaria.

2004-One Man Show in the Opera House in Ruse

2008-Exhibition in Okazio Gallery - Ruse

2009-Participation in The Art of Miniature Biennal, Ruse - Awarded with The Prize Of The Union Of Bulgarian Artists

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